What we offer for your Virtual Digital Event;

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Contact Ellen for Booking and Information to hire a digital caricature artist entertainer

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Digital Caricatures drawn by our artist entertainers for your events 

Hire Ellen and her associates to draw your guests digitally at your next trade show, wedding, or event!

Digital Caricature Entertainment

  • Your guests pose in your location in front of a computer signed into a virtual meeting app
  • As I am drawing each person in my Chicago studio, you and your guests will watch the caricature come alive in real time
  • The process can be recorded as it is being draw for your marketing needs
  • The guests will receive a downloadable digital file from a website
  • Quick digital hand drawn sketch by our artist entertainer on a sophisticated digital tablet
  • Live action of the caricatures being drawn on a large 32" flat screen or connecting to your flat screen
  • Instant color printouts with your logo placed in a wearable clip-on badge or plastic sleeve which directs more people to us
  • Digital downloads on a website of each caricature for your guests or for you to market further with them

What we offer for your Digital event;​

Live Digital Caricature Entertainment is a new innovative high tech performance of quick sketch digital caricature entertainment. We can increase your company's booth traffic and customer engagement for your next event or trade show. Digital Caricatures attract crowds to your booth and give your sales people an opportunity to engage with prospects as they wait their turn to have their experience at your booth memorialized.

We draw your guests or attendees on a digital tablet while projecting live on a large flat screen visible to those passing by. Prospects are engaged by the process and willing to wait in line to obtain their own caricature. The humorous caricature is immediately printed out on a card custom designed with your logo and an address for the recipient to receive a digital file for their personal marketing use.
The printouts are slipped into a badge that the customers wear as a sandwich board attracting additional prospects to your booth.